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Today the legendary French brand is a huge data-driven company and one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. It has 69 factories around the globe and is consistently creating innovations in tire manufacture technology. Michelin is responsible for such “historic” inventions as a replaceable pneumatic and a radial tire. One of the most popular searches at Utires.comis definitely “used Michelin tires”. And we have more than 3,300 new and used Michelin tires in stock!

Best selling used Michelin tires at

Used Michelin Premier LTX

This is an all-season road tire for SUVs and light trucks. The main distinguishing feature of the model is its first-class traction, even in a badly worn condition. It also has low rolling resistance options and good directional stability. The French company called the Premier LTX tire a real breakthrough in automotive safety.

Price range at

  • One tire, size 255/55R19 with tread depth 8.5/32” — $94.13
  • Set of 2, size 255/55R19 with tread 8.5/32” — $180.57
  • Set of 4, size 235/55R20 102H with decent tread 6.5-7/32” — $299.22

Used Michelin Defender LTX M/S

These are non-directional all-season tires designed for use on SUVs and CUVs, as well as on light trucks. In addition to stable handling and excellent grip at any time of the year, they are characterized by a long lifespan, environmental friendliness, and fuel efficiency.

Price range at

  • One tire 116T, size 265/70R18 with a very good tread depth 11.5/32” — $125.50
  • Set of 2 106T, size 235/65 R18, tread 11-12/32”— $316.78
  • Set of 4 110H, size 255/55R20 with tread depth 8.5-9/32” — $600

Used Michelin Latitude Tour HP

It is a premium summer tire for crossovers and SUVs. The use of modern production techniques allows these tires to achieve incredible traction parameters. The rubber guarantees optimal grip, handling, and high resistance to mechanical damage.

Price range at

  • Driven once 102H, size 225/65R17 with tread depth 9.5/32” — $150
  • Set of 2 102V, size 235/60R18 with tread depth 9.5/32” — $245.73
  • Set of 4, 101V, size 235/55R19, tread left 7.5-8/32” — $340.40.

Michelin —more than tires

We all love and know Michelin for its tires. But to achieve this result, the company has been constantly developing and reinforcing its research departments. According to the manufacturer, the brand employs about 6,000 research specialists and invests millions of dollars in new technologies.

Michelin has built up in-depth expertise in the design and manufacture of high-tech materials such as elastomers, biomaterials, synthetic rubber, and metal 3D printing. They are used in any sphere imaginable — from medical to industrial.

The company is actively working on solutions for hydrogen mobility, developing hydrogen fuel cells that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and bring innovation to environment protection. But we, of course, are really interested in Michelin tires.

Michelin and modern technology

Tire of the future

In 2017 Michelin brand presented a revolutionary prototype of the "tire of the future" called Vision. Made from durable, biodegradable materials, the tread of this one-piece airless tire can be 3D-printed after it is worn out.

Track Connect system

In 2018 the company presented the Track Connect system. It allows real-time measurements of temperature and pressure in tires and analysis of these data using a special app.

Airless tires

In 2019 Michelin UPTIS (Unique PunctureProof Tire System *) was created. It is the first new-generation airless solution: this tire is a complete wheel with a disc, load-bearing spikes, and a flexible rim. UPTIS tires are made from new composite materials with options that can help withstand the loads, speed, and dynamics of modern passenger vehicles. The airless design of the revolutionary UPTIS tire minimizes the possibility of punctures and pressure drops.

The Michelin Group and GM have announced an agreement to develop UPTIS airless passenger car tires, scheduled to be launched in 2024.

One of the most important inventions in the tires world — replacement pneumatic tire

In 1891 a cyclist showed up at a plant in Clermont-Ferrand: he needed to repair his bicycle. The whole process took about 15 hours. This episode got the Michelin cousins thinking. Soon after Edouard Michelin developed and patented a true technological breakthrough of its time — a replacement pneumatic tire. It only takes about 15 minutes to repair it! In the same year, cyclist Charles Terron won the Paris-Brest-Paris race on the Michelin brothers' replacement tires.

And for the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race, the Michelin brothers created L'Éclair — the first car with removable pneumatic tires. Despite the fact that the brothers came last in the competition, the participation in the event proved that pneumatic tires on a car perfectly support its weight and can be used successfully as on bicycles.

Radial tire — a true technological breakthrough

In 1937 Michelin introduced a steel carcass for truck tires. The new product was more resistant to overheating and stress.

Later the company's extensive scientific research led to another technological breakthrough — the radial tire. Unlike a bias tire, the carcass of which consists of one or more pairs of cord layers arranged so that the yarns of adjacent layers intersect, in a radial tire the carcass cord is stretched from one bead to the other without overlap of the yarns. The shell of the carcass is covered with a powerful flexible belt made of a strong cord.

The invention was much safer than bias tires and outperformed them in terms of fuel efficiency and service life, as well as retained its original characteristics for a long time.

The first radial tire was produced in 1949 under the name MICHELIN X —and all other tires produced by cousins took this name.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular new and used Michelin tire models?

At customers most oftenly offer these new and used Michelin models:

  • High-performance tires with higher speed ratings as Pilot sport 4S, Pilot Sport A/S Plus, XZE Regroovable, Pilot Sport All-Season, Pilot Sport Cup
  • Pilot super sport Zero Pressure model with RunFlat technology
  • Michelin Defender T+H
  • Michelin Energy LX4
  • Michelin LTX A/T2
  • CrossClimate 2
  • Michelin Primacy MXM 4, Primacy Tour A/S, and Michelin Primacy A/S tires
  • Snow tires Latitude X-Ice Xi2
  • Military radial tires Michelin XZL for emergency response and tactical wheeled vehicles.

Where can I find really good used Michelin tires?

To save yourself time and cash, you can consider shopping for used tires in a big online shop. For example, our selection is presented by a wide choice of different models with impressive discounts. All of them undergo Utires technicians’ 2-stage inspection. We provide a 1-year money-back guarantee and hassle-free returns for all orders, plus free shipping.

What is the main product of the Michelin company?

Tires production remains Michelin's core business. The company's product line includes tires for scooters, scooters, bicycles, mopeds, cars, trucks, public and commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, aircraft, and even spacecraft.

Are Michelin tires related to Michelin Guides?

Yes. Michelin tires company is a world-renowned publisher of the most reliable and prestigious restaurant guides. The Michelin Guide covers over 3,000 restaurants in 30 countries from China to Brazil —and chefs from all over the world strive to get at least one-star rating. It is an almost 100% guarantee that their restaurant would become more popular and successful.

How was Bibendum created?

In 1894, André and Édouard Michelin attended an international exhibition in Lyon. On one of the window displays, the brothers saw a stack of tires that to them resembled a man. Soon after, André was introduced to a cartoonist Marius O'Galop who depicted a silhouette. Subsequently, the brothers change the sketch. As a result, they got a figurine of a man, made of tires. It was the birth of Mister Michelin, also known as Bibendum. Now he is very famous around the world.

Who are the main competitors of Michelin?

Italian brand Pirelli and American Goodyear.

What are Michelin subsidiary brands?

BF Goodrich, Kleber, Kormoran, Riken, Taurus, Tigar, Uniroyal.

What is the Green Michelin tire?

In 1992 the company introduced the first green tires with silica added to the rubber compound. This technology showed improved energy efficiency while enhancing safety and durability. Green tires have a low rolling resistance coefficient, which allows saving fuel.

What is Michelin Centipede?

In the middle of the last century, Michelin created an unusual truck tires test vehicle known as the Centipede. This 9-tonne mobile laboratory is made from Citroën DS components, has ten independent wheels and two Chevrolet V8 engines. Measuring instruments for testing truck tires are installed in its center. For several years, this vehicle has been considered a cutting-edge invention for safely testing new tires at high speeds.

Buy Michelin Tires on Sale: New or Used | United Tires (2024)
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