Buy Used Cheap Tires Under $50: the Best Selection in the US (2024)

Shop Used Tires Under $50: Top Selection of Tires With Big Discounts

If you need a tire changeover — and your budget is less than $50, it makes sense to shop for used tires. Sure, you can find new ones for the lowest prices too, but you wouldn’t be spoiled for choice. In this article we will give you some handy tips and list good deals that we currently have for our customers.

5 tips for choosing perfect used tires under $50

Tip 1: Shop for more tread

The main tip for buying used cheap tires is to choose the ones that have more tread left. While searching for a used tire, you will most likely do it based on the model, or the type of your car, for example, “truck tires”. On sites like ours you can also enhance your search by opting for the highest tread possible — just choose the preferable number.

A lot of used tires in our catalogue have up to 90% tread left. Look for the numbers 11-12/32” in the description. And please keep in mind that a good tread left for a used tire is 6/32”, or 4/32” for 13-14 inch tires. The average legal minimum tread depth pretty much everywhere in the world is 2/32”, with it driving is close to unsafe.

Tip 2: know your compounds

The tread life of a tire doesn't just depend on the intensity of its use, but also on the quality of the rubber compound that it’s produced with. Advanced tire models from world-famous manufacturers (Bridgestone Dueler, Pirelli Cinturato, Kumho Road Venture, Goodyear Assurance, BFGoodrich Advantage, etc.), even if used, will serve you longer than the tires with initial lower cost.

Companies like UTires have the opportunity to purchase tires for wholesale prices and sell them cheaper than most of the market offers. That’s why you can find a very decent item — like Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 97V (tread depth 7,5/32”) with discounts up to 30%.

This is how Micheline describes the rubber compound of this tire on its official site: “Over 200 raw materials go into tire composition. Researchers draw on this extensive array to combine tire components, each of which has a role to play, depending on the type of tire produced. The rubber compounds are made up of elastomers, reinforcing fillers, plasticizers and other chemical elements.”

Famous premium brand Cooper claims that its tires contain more silica than any others. At you can buy a set of two Cooper Evolution Tour used tires for $96,94 with the tread depth 6,5/32”.

There is one popular but outdated opinion: harder rubber has lower treadwear! Nowadays this rule doesn’t work any longer — thanks to the silica additions to the compounds.

Tip 3: aim for two (or more) of each kind

Good tread left, good brand… But only one tire is in stock. This is a very regular situation in the local used tire shops. Online platforms have the ability to form the stock the way that items of the same characteristics come in sets of 2 or 4. Apply this setting when shopping for a particular category — and you will get only the offers of full sets. And if you are looking for a spare — even easier!

Recommended by used tires under $50

  • Falken Pro G5 A/S
  • Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S
  • Kumho Crugen Premium
  • Kumho Eco Solus KL21
  • Cooper CS3 Touring
  • Cooper Evolution Tour
  • Mastercraft Tires
  • Triangle Tires
  • Americus Tires
  • Sigma tires

How can I be sure that I buy safe tires under $50?

Buy from authorized resellers

Big online tire stores specializing in used tires offer their customers quality products that are undergoing thorough check-ups before appearing at the virtual tire rack. carefully checks all its tires for any signs of damage and offers only tires of Grade A — without any or with minor repairs. When the tires arrive at our warehouses, we use a modern automatic device that inspects a tire. It has a disc that transforms for a tire of any radius and size. Inside the pump is triggered, pumping up this tire, and does a tire pressure leak test. If there are leaks, workers study the quality and volume of the damage, and then the tire is sent for repair. And after repair, each tire is also checked manually.

Only after that a tire gets a special sticker with all its specifications, including tread wear, and is being registered in the system. Each of the tires comes with warranty and free shipping. Check out our customer reviews, they might help you to make the right choice.

Don’t try to save even more

Please be aware that it’s not safe to buy used tires from unauthorized resellers that might advertise even lower prices. Tire damages can be hidden from the customer as the quality control might lack some important steps. If you buy a used tire with uneven tread wear, it automatically makes your ride dangerous. Don’t risk your life, your passengers’ and everybody else’s on the road!

If you want to save more, we recommend paying attention to good Chinese brands, like Triangle or Goodride. They are cheaper than world-famous brands but still provide good quality tires. Let’s look closer at one model, you can buy less than $50.

Look for a combination of characteristics

Triangle TR928 is the inexpensive summer tire from the renowned Chinese Triangle Group. Despite the status, the products of this manufacturer are not inferior to analogs of the US and European assortment in terms of basic parameters.

Low-cost city car owners appreciate:

  • A combination of affordable cost and excellent running characteristics of this brand’s tires;
  • Excellent grip with the road surface;
  • Minimal noise at high speeds;
  • Increased resistance to shock loads due to the radial cord and rigid rib.

TR928 tires are presented in a wide range of tire sizes, R14 and R15 are in high demand.

The customer reviews indicate:

  • Suitability of tires for driving on country roads, including dirt roads;
  • Lack of aquaplaning on wet asphalt;
  • Increased durability in relation to the models of previous years.

At you can buy used tire Triangle TR928 for $47 with the tread depth 8/32” — in almost perfect condition. In comparison to the premium segment of tires — for example, used Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS cost $49,91 with tread depth 5,5/32”, which is almost half of the tread left. Buying a Triangle discount tire, you can forget about the changeover for the next 2 years while choosing a Bridgestone — you may have to go back to this question again next year.

We hope that our advice helped you with your choice but if you still haven’t found your quality tire under $50, please contact our Customer Service and get the best deal. Plus free shipping with every order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most affordable tires?

Most affordable tires are the used tires. You can buy decent tires produced by top manufacturers from reliable offline and online retailers. Usually it will give you a good choice of models and really good discounts. At, for example, you will only find Grade A models — tires with none or minor repairs. Each of our used tires is carefully inspected — both automatically and manually. We guarantee their quality and safety for driving. Market prices for the presented models are carefully analyzed every day, compared with the competitors, and lowered in order to provide the best offers to customers.

What is a good price for 4 tires?

Even $200 can be a good price for the set of four used tires. For example, at a set of 4 used Falken Ziex ZE001 A/S 100 H (225/60R18) with tread depth 6.5-8/32” cost $185.41.

Use the tips from professionals to choose the best option in In the article above you will find examples and other useful information about choosing proper used tires under $50.

Is it bad to have cheap tires?

If your tires are cheap but their quality is good enough for a safe and comfortable ride, there is nothing bad about it. At you can choose decent used tires under $50. Learn more in this shopping guide and find the best offers for you. All tires here come with solid guarantees. And don’t forget about free shipping!

Buy Used Cheap Tires Under $50: the Best Selection in the US (2024)
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