Tech Check: Every Tire Used in the 2024 Tour de France (2024)

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More and more gear is standardized across the teams in the Tour de France. Everyone is using either SRAM or Shimano. Most use the same gearing too. And while the teams have largely seemed to settle on 28 mm tires, there are a few exceptions. We searched the team paddocks to take a closer look at what everyone is riding.

What road bike tires do the best teams in the Tour de France ride? What width do they use, and why? We dive into all of that and more below.

Continental: Nine teams

What is the most commonly used bike tire at the Tour de France? That crown belongs Continental. For those using the German tire manufacturer, they’re going with the Continental Grand Prix 5000, and almost always in a 28 mm width.

That said, there are several permutations to this rule. A number of teams have elected to use the lighter GP 5000 TT TR tire. The TT model features both a thinner casing and thinner tread thickness than the S, resulting in a tire that offers 30-40 grams less rotational weight.

Interestingly, we haven’t yet seen an entire team run the GP 5000 TT TR across the team. UAE Team Emirates comes close, though notably Tadej Pogacar’s bikes feature the standard S model. The same goes with Ineos Grenadiers, with a select few riders not using the lighter tire.

There’s another variation with Decathlon-AG2R La Mondiale using what looks like a front wheel–specific aero tire made by Continental. We talk more about the new Conti aero tire here. This new front tire is paired with a GP5000 S TR tire out back.

All of these 28 mm tires measure about 29 mm, give or take a 0.1 mm here or there. The exception is that of UAE Team Emirates and Team Total Energies, which use a 28 mm tire mounted to Enve’s rims. There, the tire measures at roughly 30 mm.

The seeming exception to the 28 mm Conti tire choice has to be Movistar, as they use a 30 mm tire across the board. Why’s that? It’s the narrowest tire recommended for use by Zipp with its wheels.

As you guessed, all of these tires are set up tubeless.

Vittoria: Eight Teams

Vittoriais hot on Continental’s heels with eight teams. There is a bit more variation with this venerable Italian brand with regard to tire width, however.

Teams like EF Education-EasyPost and Arkea-B&B Hotels will almost always go with the standard Corsa Pro 28 mm tire paired with Vision Metron wheels. Astana-Qazaqstan generally specs a 28 mm or 30 mm tire. All of these tires are set up tubeless.

As you’d expect, a 28 mm Corsa Pro tire measures out to just about 29 mm mounted to the Vision Metron wheels.

Lotto-Dstny, however? They use a 30 mm Vittoria Corsa Pro tire mounted to Zipp wheels, again likely due to Zipp’s minimum tire width requirement. Interestingly, they’ve swapped tubeless installation for tubes, a notable change after Thomas De Gendt’s high-profile crash.

Team Dsm-Firmenich Post NL has chosen to use a 26 mm-wide Vittoria Corsa Pro across its rider lineup. The team tells Velo it found it to be the fastest tire in its testing; we suspect it’s the fastest width in combination with Shimano Dura-Ace wheels that feature a somewhat narrower 26 mm external width.

Then there’s Team Visma-Lease a Bike. The team uses a combination of Corsa Pro tires in a 28 mm width or what appears to be an unreleased Vittoria Corsa Pro optimized for 25 mm width rims. It features a 29 mm labeled width and printing on the sidewall indicating its optimization for a 25 mm inner rim width. We wrote more about this tire here.

Outside of Lotto-Dstny, all other Vittoria Corsa Pro tires are set up tubeless.

Specialized: Two teams

The two Specialized-sponsored teams — Red Bull-Bora Hansgrohe and Soudal-Quickstep — both usually use the Specialized Turbo Cotton tire. They usually go for a 26 mm wide tire on either Roval’s Rapide CLX II Team wheels or Alpinist climbing wheels with latex tubes. Why? “Because it’s faster,” or so they tell me.

Soudal-Quickstep has started to mix it up a bit, however, with some riders using the Turbo Cotton tires, while others use the S-Works Turbo setup tubeless.

Their 26 mm tires measure to about 27 mm on the rim, based on our calipers.

Schwalbe, Pirelli, and Michelin each have a team

Team Uno-X Mobility is the only team aboard Schwalbe, using the Pro One tire in a 28 mm width set up tubeless.

Lidl-Trek, is the sole Pirelli team, using the new Pirelli P Zero Race TLR RS tire in a 28 mm width set up tubeless.

Finally, comes Cofidis using a Michelin Power Cup 28 mm wide tire, set up with tubes.

Every Tire Used in the 2024 Tour de France

TeamTireWheelRim Width (Internal/External) (mm)Tubeless?
Alpecin–DeceuninckVittoria Corsa Pro (28 mm)Shimano21 mm/26 mmYes
Arkéa–B&B HotelsVittoria Corsa Pro (28 mm)Vision21 mm/31 mmYes
Astana Qazaqstan TeamVittoria Corsa Pro (28 & 30 mm)Vision21 mm/31 mmYes
Bahrain VictoriousContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm), Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR (28 mm)Vision21 mm/31 mmYes
CofidisMichelin Power Cup (28 mm)Corima20 mm/26 mmNo
Decathlon-AG2R La MondialeContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR & Continental aero tire (28 mm)Swiss Side20/27 mmYes
EF Education–EasyPostVittoria Corsa Pro (28 mm)Vision21 mm/31 mmYes
Groupama-FDJContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm)Shimano21 mm/26 mmYes
Ineos GrenadiersContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm), Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR (28 mm)Shimano21 mm/26 mmYes
Israel-Premier TechContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm), Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR (28 mm)Black Inc23 mm/30 mmYes
Intermarché–WantyContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm), Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR (28 mm)Newman24 mm/33 mmYes
Lidl-TrekPirelli P Zero Race RS (28 mm)Bontrager23 mm/31 mmYes
Lotto-DstnyVittoria Corsa Pro (30 mm)Zipp25 mm/30 mmNo
Movistar TeamContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (30 mm)Zipp25 mm/30 mmYes
Red Bull-Bora HansgroheSpecialized Turbo Cotton (26 mm), Specialized S-Works Turbo (26 mm)Roval21 mm/35 mm (up front)Yes
Soudal-Quick StepSpecialized Turbo Cotton (26 mm)Roval21 mm/35 mm (up front)Yes
Team dsm–firmenich PostNLVittoria Corsa Pro (25 mm)Shiman21 mm/26 mmYes
Team Jayco-AlUlaVittoria Corsa Pro (30 mm)Cadex22.4 mm/30 mmYes
Team Total EnergiesContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm)ENVE25 mm/32 mmYes
Team VismaVittoria Corsa Pro & Corsa Pro for 25 mm rims (28 & 29 mm)Reserve24 or 25 mm/30 mmYes
UAE Team EmiratesContinental Grand Prix 5000 S TR (28 mm), Continental Grand Prix 5000 TT TR (28 mm)ENVE25 mm/32 mmYes
Uno-X MobilitySchwalbe Pro One (28 mm)DT Swiss20/27 mmYes
Tech Check: Every Tire Used in the 2024 Tour de France (2024)
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