The Unwritten Rules of Playing Genshin Impact's Nahida Explained (2024)


  • Nahida's inclusion in Genshin Impact as a playable Dendro character was highly anticipated by players, and she did not disappoint in combat.
  • Nahida is a vital component of Dendro teams, as her ability to buff elemental mastery leads to powerful reaction numbers.
  • Nahida's skill and burst abilities are complex, but once understood, they offer unique benefits depending on the composition of the party. Her teams can be free-to-play friendly and don't require specific elements.

Genshin Impact kept players waiting on the inclusion of a playable Dendro character up until Sumeru released. And though Nahida was not the first Dendro character to be added, since she is the Archon, players were eager to see how she'd feel in combat. Genshin Impact developers said that Dendro was a reactive element after all, likely the only element that could not do a mono-elemental team. Players wanted to see how Nahida would contribute to that, and when she released, they were pleasantly surprised.

As Dendro weaved its way into the meta, players were positive Nahida's team comps would find themselves at the top. And she is, as many Dendro teams rely on her ability to buff elemental mastery to cause big reaction numbers. Her use as an on-field Dendro applicator and sub-DPS made her vital for any team using reactions like Hyperbloom.


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Genshin Impact's Nahida's Kit

The Unwritten Rules of Playing Genshin Impact's Nahida Explained (2)

When it comes to leveling up her talents, Nahida's elemental skill takes priority. Most of her damage comes from her skill, which can be tricky to understand how to use. Nahida's skill damages enemies who're linked together with Dendro damage, called Tri-Karma Purification, after an elemental reaction gets triggered. This includes damage from Bloom, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom.

Her burst is also a confusing read. However, once broken down simply, everything clears up. Nahida's burst effects change depending on the characters present in the party. With Pyro characters (max 2 counted for all effects), her skill damage is increased. With Hydro characters, her burst will last longer. And with Electro characters, the interval between Tri-Karma Purification reactions from her skill is shortened.

With such restrictive requirements for Nahida's elemental burst as far as buffs are concerned, players might initially be worried about picking teammates for the Lesser Lord. However, her buffs can work for just single units too, there is no need to have two of any particular element. Her teams can be very free-to-play friendly. An example team could be comprised of Dendro MC, Nahida, Xingqiu or Barbara, and Kuki Shinobu or Fischl. With Nahida as the only five-star here and a guaranteed to have MC and Barbara, the only lacking element is Electro for a solid Hyperbloom team.

However, Dendro being a reactive element does not mean that the only stat to worry about is elemental mastery. Nahida can benefit from crit stats too to ensure her numbers hit their highest potential. As far as weapons go for her, her signature weapon, A Thousand Floating Dreams, tends to be the go-to pick--though it's not the only one. There's plenty of free-to-play options, including the craftable Mappa Mare.

Players who are willing to either save up or splurge on her banner and want to get her constellations should go for C2. Nahida's second constellation enables transformative reactions, like bloom reactions, to crit. This isn't normally possible, so this constellation is a game changer. In gaining her C2, players will obviously get her C1, which allows all burst effects to take effect at least at their base level. Even without Pyro, Electro, or Hydro members on the same team as her--though players should have at least one for reaction purposes--she will gain the buffs regardless.

Overall, Nahida is a wonderful choice for players who want to get into Dendro teams and explore the new meta those reactions added. She adds new and fun teams as possibilities for Spiral Abyss and open world gameplay alike, and it doesn't take much for players to use her either, as she doesn't need a lot of investment or other five-stars to be good.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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The Unwritten Rules of Playing Genshin Impact's Nahida Explained (2024)


What gender is Nahida Genshin? ›

She was originally thought to be male

Before Version 2.1, many translations in the game (German, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai) used male pronouns to address Nahida. Hence the titles 'Lesser LORD Kusanali' and 'GOD of Wisdom', although admittedly both can be used for male and females.

Is Nahida worth pulling Genshin Impact? ›

She is the best dendro character far and away, more valuable than any DPS. But she is a DPS. (She is a lot of other stuff, but she is a DPS too).

What does nahida scale off of? ›

On-field Nahida incorporates Normal Attacks to her damage profile alongside her Skill — as her Normal Attacks do not scale off of EM, this slightly devalues the stat. Furthermore, on-field Nahida typically does not trigger many reactions, or tends to trigger Spread, which scales off of DMG% and CRIT.

How does nahida's skill work? ›

Nahida's skill damages enemies who're linked together with Dendro damage, called Tri-Karma Purification, after an elemental reaction gets triggered. This includes damage from Bloom, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom.

How old is Nahida in human years? ›

Nahida, also known as the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali, came into existence after the previous Archon Greater Lord Rukkhadevata disappeared while fulfilling her duty to protect Irminsul during the Cataclysm. This puts her at around 500 years old, making her younger than Yae Miko, albeit not by much.

Why did Nahida turn small? ›

We know that Nahida lost her memories and most of her power turning her into a child to save Sumeru.

Who is stronger, Nahida or raiden? ›

Nahida is a huge upgrade to every other dendro supports in a lot of team. Raiden is still great but Nahida is undoubtedly better. Difficult question. Both enable highly efficient teams (even more so, if you use them both) and are extremely versatile (Ei as a DPS+battery combo, Nahida as a Dendro enabler).

Is Venti or Nahida better? ›

Nahida should be the weakest bc she's not very good at fighting and is still plenty young and inexperienced… for now. Venti should be up next, he's one of the oldest gods but people only worship him incredibly casually, he even admits himself he's not that strong.

Is Nahida or Yoimiya better? ›

For players in need of a reliable Dendro character who can be effective on or off-field, Nahida will be the best choice.

What god is Nahida based on? ›

Etymology. "Nahida" is likely based on Nahid (Persian: ناهید Nâhid), a Middle Persian variant spelling of Anahita, a Zoroastrian goddess. Anahita is the goddess of "the Waters" (Aban) and is associated with fertility, healing, and wisdom.

Does Nahida need crit or em? ›

In general off-field Nahida wants 900-1000 EM (incl. external buffs) before DMG and crit becomes more important.

Why does Nahida not have a vision? ›

Archon Visions | Fandom. Nahida and Raiden don't have one because they don't have any need for them. Their people already know who they are.

What is Nahida's real name? ›

Nahida is the current Dendro Archon, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, and was introduced as a playable character in Genshin Impact version 3.2. As a playable character, she is a catalyst user that can use the power of Dendro. This page contains spoilers for the Archon Quest of Sumeru!

Is Nahida burst worth leveling? ›

Up to two characters for each element will be factored into the following buffs; two characters of an element will offer a better version of the below buffs than one. Nahida's Burst buffs scale with her talent level, so this is also worth leveling as high as possible, but make sure you focus on the Skill first.

What is the signature weapon of Nahida? ›

A Thousand Floating Dreams

As a signature weapon, it is almost tailor-made for Nahida in terms of attributes, with a base Elemental Mastery of up to 265, which makes it easier for Nahida to reach 1000 EM.

Is Nahida a guy? ›

Nahida is a girl's name. Similar names are Nagida and Naida.

What is nahidas' real name? ›

Now for Kusanali's Other name Nahida. Nahida is likely based on Nahid (Persian: ناهید Nâhid), a Middle Persian variant spelling of Anahita, a Zoroastrian goddess. Anahita is the goddess of "the Waters" (Aban) and is associated with fertility, healing, and wisdom.

Who is Nahida shipped with Genshin? ›

Scarahida is the het ship between Nahida and Scaramouche from the Genshin Impact fandom.

What species is Nahida? ›

Nahida is a genus in the butterfly family Riodinidae present only in the Neotropical realm. Species: N. coenoides (type Hewitson, 1869)

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